About Us

The Commonweal Project is an initiative at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to equip all Christians with a biblical theology of faith, work, and human flourishing. As a project of the Carl F. H. Henry Institute for Evangelical Engagement, The Commonweal Project is funded by the Kern Family Foundation as a member of the Oikonomia Network.

What We Do

Reading Groups

A committed cohort of 10 students under the direct guidance of an SBTS professor meets over a semester to read and analyze a book informing a Christian worldview of work, economics, and the public implications of faith.

Lecture Luncheons

Each semester, all Southern students and faculty are invited to a free lecture luncheon to hear current scholarship and thought on the intersection of faith, work, and human flourishing.

Academic Colloquia

Twice a year, The Commonweal Project invites experts to deliver papers in an academic colloquium. We recognize and encourage academic conversations which spark scholarship in service to the church and culture.

Faculty Retreats

We provide retreats where seminary professors can encounter new ideas and prepare future pastors to connect their congregation's Sunday worship with Monday work.

Kingdom Investment

The Commonweal Project partners with local churches in Louisville to equip saints for lives in the marketplace and the mission field.

Influential Publication

As part of the largest evangelical seminary in America, The Commonweal Project leverages our well-published faculty to generate content which has a lasting impact on the flourishing of image-bearers everywhere.

Who We Are

Ken Magnuson, PhD

Director of The Commonweal Project

David Kotter, PhD

Director of Research for The Commonweal Project

Zachariah Carter

Managing Assistant of The Commonweal Project