Christian Politics in a Secular Age

Bruce Ashford discusses the intersection of Christian politics in a secular age from his recent book, Letters to an American Christian.

Theology of Work

All work has value. Dr. Coppenger interviews coal miners, housekeepers, fast-food greeters, homemakers, and more to show how individuals find their individual work meaningful.

The Gospel at Work–Part Two

We can know God has called us to a task when we have a desire to do it, have been gifted by God for it, and have an opportunity to go after it.

The Gospel at Work–Part One

God’s sovereignty means that He has a purpose for us in our work, even if we don’t feel particularly “called” to it. In fact, we might be misunderstanding the whole notion of “calling”.

“A Little Band of Brothers”: Andrew Fuller & Friendship as a Matrix of Human Flourishing

Friendship is a significant matrix in which men flourish under the rule of their Lord Jesus.